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The SoundxRucker studio features state-of-the-art spatial audio technology, Dolby Atmos, bringing you an immersive audio experience. While the Avid MTRX Studio interface is the brains of the operation, the Genelec 7.1.4 speaker system is the crown jewel of the studio, featuring 3 Genelec 8340’s, 3 Genelec 8330’s, and a Genelec subwoofer. The vocal chain consists of a few different options: the Avalon 737, a 500 Series Neve 1073, as well as a Tube Tech CL1B or 1176.

SoundxRucker partners with Hatfield Media, a full-service marketing agency in Louisville, Kentucky offering website design, video production, search engine optimization, graphic design, and everything in-between.  

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About Rucker

For the past 15 years, Daniel “Radio Rucker” has been ingrained in the local music scene in Louisville Kentucky. After earning his degree in audio engineering and music production in 2007 he became the voice and longest-running on-air talent for one of the largest radio stations in the city, 98.9 Radio Now (currently 98.9 KISS FM). Recently he teamed up with Hatfield Media to bring the first and only Dolby Atmos Production Suite and recording studio to Kentucky.


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